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Friday, 12 October 2012

Augusta Mary Leigh in Momento Mori...

In Memoriam

Augusta Mary Leigh

Born January 26 1784
Died October 12 1851

'I wonder if anyone personally laments Mrs Leigh?
A sad end to a sad life. I suppose a bad life is generally a sad one.'
Augusta Ada Lovelace

'Before my marriage when your Mother was a stranger to me - I resolved to be to her as an own-sister.
Mine is not a nature in which affection can pass away - nearly 40 years have shown this in regard to her. 
She was throughout the object of my unswerving devotedness - it was her infatuation (pardon the word) not to recognise in me her truest friend - especially as she had in one case been saved by me from taking a step that would have ended in irretrievable ruin for herself and family.'
Anne Isabella Noel Byron

'She was not to blame - one thousandth part in comparison - she was not aware of her own peril - till it was too late - and I can only account for her subsequent 'abandon' by an observation which I think is not unjust - that women are much more attached than men - if they are treated with anything like fairness or tenderness.'

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